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Friday, July 14, 2006

Anyone want my slot?

This post is long overdue. The interview with the UP ITTC Admissions was more than 2 months ago yet here I am just about to post the outcome. I have already posted this at Because I am the Woman I am but somehow forgot to post it here. Anyway, here it is, for what it's worth to that someone who has been particularly searching for UP ITTC and have come back to this blog, I assume, to know what happened during the interview. To those who have no idea, read previous post Whee! I passed!

Indeed I passed the UP ITTC interview. And I only have till this Friday to enroll. As happy as I am to have passed both exam and interview, I'd have to let this opportunity pass me by. I don't have the molo, the dada to fund a year of schooling. The ad was misleading. There was no scholarship per se, only sponsorship, and that is only during the 2nd quarter, after you have proved your worth to the sponsoring companies by being on top of the class in the first quarter. No problem with that except that a quarter costs 25% of a hundred grand. Given you have enough cash stashed away, what about everyday living expenses? Eight to five classes eliminate the possibility of earning during these months. Call it cash flow in hibernation. The only solution was to find someone to fund me. Unfortunately, I found none. My trusty mother denied me. So much for sad news, there's a bright side to all of this, if you happen to be on the wait-list, call UP ITTC, there's a slot waiting for you. :)


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